This tiny, unincorporated town in the San Bernardino Mountains has been used as a filming locale since the industry moved to LA in the early 20th century, most recently for that cinematic masterpiece known as  Space Jam. But in addition to being a fictional home for Bugs Bunny, it's also been a real home for the likes of Bugsy Siegel, Michael Jackson, John Candy, Sammy Hagar, and dozens more.

Lake Arrowhead Named as One of 12 Most Luxurious Lake Destinations in the World

Lake Arrowhead is home to many celebrities, politicians, bankers, lawyers, musicians, doctors, and other professionals. Local residents benefit from the influence these professionals have on local politics. As any economist or politician will tell you, a good way to preserve natural beauty is to involve celebrities in the process of protecting that environment. Lake Arrowhead has done just that, and as a result, the pristine ecosystems are likely to stay that way.

In short, due to the high positions of some of its inhabitants, the Lake Arrowhead community is quite safe from industrial developers. This makes your investment in Lake Arrowhead real estate that much safer--your property values aren't likely to depreciate due to industrial development in the area. In fact, since that development is destined to happen in some other community in lieu of Lake Arrowhead, your investment in Lake Arrowhead real estate will likely increase in value. As fewer and fewer properties are available that can offer such a surfeit of natural beauty, it is almost inevitable that your purchase will increase in value.

It can be confusing and frustrating to navigate the (unnecessarily) complex and sometimes confusing world of buying and selling real estate. Unfortunately, since most people only engage in real estate transactions a few times in their lives, they do not have a chance to climb the steep learning curve. By being a well-informed house hunter, you will be in that much better of a position to know a deal when you see a bargain and pounce on it. All it takes is a little bit of research on your part, and most of that can be accomplished online. Shopping for real estate has rarely been faster or more convenient. But, the most important part is to use the expertise and advice of a trained and experienced REALTOR®. Glenn Tinturin is just that person.

Lakefront Home in Point Hamiltair, Lake ArrowheadPoint Hamiltair - definitely the most elite address in Lake Arrowhead and epitomizes the high-end of the mountain homes. Point Hamiltair sits on a gated peninsula extending out onto the beautiful lake, and offers interior homes just a block or less from the water from under $1,000,000 to amazing lakefront estates on Lake Arrowhead's famous Gold Coast, with acreage and rolling lawns gently sloping down to the lake available for many millions, and everything in between. The views from these lakefront homes are some of the most breathtaking, with180 to 270 degree views of the water – especially those on the very point of the peninsula.

The interesting part is that many of these multi-million dollar waterfront estates are cosmetic fixers. Several were built in the '70's and still show that period's décor. But hey, you want to make it look like yours anyway. Right? Many others have already been remodeled to the nines. In fact, some were bought just to be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up.View from Point Hamiltair lakefront home in Lake Arrowhead


Imagine owning one of these fabulous homes. Have either a quite weekend alone or invite the whole family and their friends, and still have plenty of room. Lounge on your deck overlooking the water. Jump in your boat for some water skiing in the morning and maybe a cocktail cruise in the evening. Or, take your boat over to Lake Arrowhead Village (known to the locals simply as “the Village”) for lunch or dinner, docking in a slip in front of one of the local restaurants or at the Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa.


After owning a home here for a short while, you will quickly meet other lakefront home owners. There’s nothing more “Lake Arrowhead” than visiting your neighbors, next door or across the lake, via boat.


So, if money is no object and you want the crème de la crème that’s only an hour or so away from Los Angeles (we even have our own Lake Arrowhead Airport), then Point Hamiltair in Lake Arrowhead, CA is the place for you. Don’t look any further, and contact Glenn Tinturin today.

At first the task seems daunting: You haven't sold a home before, the market looks complex, and what worked for owners 10 or 20 years ago seems inappropriate today.

What steps should you take? Here's a baseline list to get you started.

Contact a REALTOR®. The industry and the laws have changed. You need the protection of a professional who you know will be on your side, and guide you and protect you through the entire process.

You Can Do It. Some 5.5 million existing homes are expected to sell in 2009, more than 15,000 a day. Other owners have done it and so can you.

Define Your Goal. Do you want the highest sales price -- or the biggest check at closing? They're not necessarily the same. Imagine that two homes sell for $300,000, but one owner pays 2 points and agrees to replace the roof. The owner who sold without such costs got a bigger check at settlement. The bottom line: To have a successful sale you need to look at both price and terms -- you must have a strong negotiator in your corner.

Times Have Changed. Today's real estate marketplace is radically different when compared with 10 years ago. Purchasers now use the Internet, receive seller disclosure forms, get home inspections, and are routinely represented by buyer brokers. The result is that buyers can be better prepared than in the past.

Sparkle And Shine. Imagine going to a supermarket and seeing dusty fruit or aisles filled with old shelving and cans. It doesn't happen because the grocery store knows how to present its goods. Sellers must do the same. Get rid of things you don't want to move, organize closets and storage areas, and clean everywhere.

Mechanics Count. Buyers expect everything to work. Home inspections are now entirely common and what buyers miss home inspectors will catch. Fix and paint things now and they won't be an issue in the future.

Think Broadway. When buyers see your home, it's showtime. They want an environment where they can see themselves. Given them a show where everything is painted, arranged, and attractive, a home where the only issue is when to move in.

How's The Market? Real estate is local. Your broker can explain current market trends in your community, including what's selling, what isn't selling, and why. This information is central to getting the best possible price and terms.

Know Your Rivals. Your property will be competing with other homes for buyer attention. Ask your broker how to be competitive -- and how to have an edge.

What Time Is It? Markets differ by location and time. When interest rates are low and the local job base is growing, it's great to be a seller. But when times are slack and mortgage rates are rising, homes also sell. In 1981, when the prime rate topped 20 percent and the population was smaller, 2.4 million existing homes were sold. The trick is to be realistic, to get as much as market conditions will allow.

Understand The Plan. Real estate marketing involves far more than a sign in the yard and an ad in the paper. Successful brokers use a variety of methods to attract and qualify prospects, including the latest Internet and communication advances.

Lake Arrowhead Real Estate Means Having Natural Beauty at Your Front Door


Lake Arrowhead real estate is one of the most desirable types of property in California; indeed, in the entire country. It is no exaggeration to say that owning a piece of Lake Arrowhead real estate is nothing less than having your very own dream home. If the idea of having a vacation or summer home next to a peaceful lake surrounded by a historic forest sounds good to you, read on to learn more about Lake Arrowhead real estate.


A home in Lake Arrowhead also comes with access to first-rate schools, a community that deeply values and treasures its surroundings, and first-class administrative services. The community of Lake Arrowhead puts on jazz festivals, rock and classical concerts, art shows, and various art-themed festivals and presentations throughout the year. If you're into stargazing, you can't do any better than the wide open and beautiful skies of Lake Arrowhead. The Mountain Skies Astronomical Society has put Lake Arrowhead on the map as one of the prime world locations for stargazing.


Truly, it does not get better than this. Clean air, clean water, a forest, a lake, and a community that has great pride in its local surroundings--what could be better than having all these things at once? Your backyard is the great American outdoors. Take advantage of all the beauty California has to offer, all in one place.


It is that sense of community and pride in your surroundings that makes owning a piece of Lake Arrowhead real estate such a smart decision. This country has many lakes and forests, but few as well protected and maintained as those in the Lake Arrowhead area. This sense of pride in the natural beauty of the area translates into the extreme care taken to preserve this natural refuge from the industrialized world.


In terms of Lake Arrowhead real estate, the investment required to own a piece of property on Lake Arrowhead can seem hefty at first. But the high price simply means that the area is so in demand that people will pay a little extra just for the privilege of a beautiful lakeshore view. Wouldn't you want to be a part of a community in which everyone treasures and loves their home and environment so much that they'd give up a cheaper alternative? Even those who do live in the most expensive homes benefit from being a part of a wealthy community, committed to using its resources to preserve the local surroundings.