Arrowhead Woods

Arrowhead Woods is one of the last untamed woodlands in California. It is also a place that many people call home. Arrowhead Woods is one of the most beautiful areas in California, and those who live there love being in the presence of such natural beauty.

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At the heart of Arrowhead Woods is Lake Arrowhead. The views from homes bordering the lake and on the hillsides overlooking the lake are simply spectacular. The fresh air and the easygoing environment belie the care and effort that is put into preserving what is arguably both a community and natural reserve.

Also, Lake Arrowhead is a private lake. In order to use it, you must own property in Arrowhead Woods and join the Arrowhead Lake Association. Arrowhead Woods is the area around Lake Arrowhead that offers you “Lake Rights” which means if you own property in “the Woods” then you may optionally join the Arrowhead Lake Association. This allows you to use the two beach clubs, three beaches, and to put a boat in the lake. There are a few other requirements for boating that the Arrowhead Lake Association has, which are for the safety of the boaters and others using the lake.

Having a home in Arrowhead Woods, being the preferred area on the mountain, certainly adds value to your home and should be a consideration for resale in the future. Owning a home in or near Arrowhead Woods could be a great investment for you, your family, and your fiscal future. Lake Arrowhead’s Arrowhead Woods – possibly one of the best places in the world.

Lakeside Resorts: Luxury with All the Trimmings

Lakeside resorts are among the most desirable locations on the planet near which to purchase property. And for good reason: lakes are peaceful, calm, clear, clean, and quiet. If you want lakeside resorts to be a part of your life, read on to learn more.

Very often, lakeside resorts are dedicated to one goal: relaxation. Spas are very often by lakes, secluded from the outside world, and this Lake Arrowhead is no exception with its newly renovated Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa. The chosen location often has a surrounding forest, so the pampered guest can feel insulated from the harsh outside world. If this kind of atmosphere is something you want to experience more than simply during your vacation, consider moving to a lakeside resort town such as Lake Arrowhead, California.

These spas make certain lakes quite exclusive. But for those who are interested in investing in a home in the area, the cost can be substantially reduced. What many people who spend thousands of dollars in spas don't know is that for the cost of their yearly visit, they might have instead put down a large part of their down payment on a home in the area. If the area is what's attracting you rather than the spa or the resort, change your tactics and consider moving to (or buying a second home in) a resort town.

So which is it for you: fancy hotel or your own home? Unless you're among those who have enough money to buy the spa, the answer is clear. There is growing interest in buying properties rather than spending a fortune on hotel rooms. With the current interest rates and the ever-rising cost of real estate, you shouldn't put off an investment like this. Call Glenn Tinturin today at 909-663-7811.

Cedar Ridge Homes and Nearby Lake Arrowhead

Cedar Ridge homes are among the best real estate purchases that you can make. The prestige of living in Cedar Ridge means that your community has influence with local, state, and even national government in a way that makes sure that the natural environment surrounding Cedar Ridge homes will be preserved for years to come. Cedar Ridge homes are also a source of pride for those trying to exhibit a model community in California, and benefits come with that as well.

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If you choose to live in Cedar Ridge, it's pretty hard to go wrong. You've got Lake Arrowhead nearby, with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. The school district has five elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school – plenty of room for the five thousand plus students in the district.

Lakes also tend to create cleaner air around the periphery. Living next to a lake provides this benefit, as well as the peace and calm that the sound of water has been shown to evoke in human beings. Lake Arrowhead is a wonderful place to call home and clearly an attractive location for anyone in the Los Angeles or Orange County areas.

Many companies now offer the opportunity to work from home. Why spend your days in a cubicle when you can be typing away with a view of Lake Arrowhead or the forested, nearby mountains? All things being equal, why wouldn't you? Take advantage of the pristine environment to indulge your passion for hiking, fishing, boating, or camping. Cedar Ridge homes let you live near the action – when that clear blue sky beckons to you, you'll be just minutes away from a boat ride on the lake.

Point Hamiltair: Exclusive, Luxurious, and Beautiful

Point Hamiltair is one the most scenic parts of the Lake Arrowhead region. Jutting eastward out into Lake Arrowhead, the gated community of Point Hamiltair offers extraordinary panoramas. It is among the most exclusive regions of Lake Arrowhead, and more than a few houses here have had celebrities as their previous owners.

Point Hamiltair is one of the most desirable destinations for anyone in the L.A. area seeking a home to get away from it all. There are homes in the area to suit all tastes and styles. In short: if you've got lots of money, this is the place for you.

The desirability of Point Hamiltair lies in its position--virtually in the middle of Lake Arrowhead. Obviously, the farther you go out onto the Point, the more expensive the properties get (except for the “Gold Coast” on the protected north side of the Point Hamiltair peninsula). As the Point narrows, there is less available land but also more spectacular views. Most homes in this prime location will have their own docks. If you're a recreational boating enthusiast, this is a big bonus for you.

You would have to look hard for a place that surpasses the beauty of Point Hamiltair. But why do that when you've already found one like it already? If you live in southern California, consider yourself lucky to have the opportunity to live in this outstanding area.

Crestline Homes--Close to All the Action

Arrowhead, one of the most beautiful resort towns in California, can be only minutes away when you purchase one of the available Crestline homes. Crestline, a small southern California town of just over 10,000, is a great place to look for a new home. Homes will be less expensive here than in Lake Arrowhead or Point Hamiltair. Lake Arrowhead’s lake is still only six miles away and Lake Gregory is right there, and you get the benefit of cheaper home prices.

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Crestline homes are a great investment. As this area continues to grow in popularity, a second home here will only increase in value. As more people tire of the smog and congestion of Los Angeles, the beautiful mountain retreat of Crestline will becom a prime vacation destination. No matter what you're looking for--hiking, boating, swimming, or horseback riding--Crestline's got it all.

Arrowhead is a prestigious spa and resort town, famous for its beautiful views, proximity to Los Angeles (and the celebrity culture prevalent there), outdoor activities, and lush natural landscapes. Real estate in Lake Arrowhead itself can be extremely expensive and often difficult for first-time buyers. If you love the area but can't afford the price tag that comes along with it, check out Crestline homes--a less expensive alternative in the same area.

If you're moving into the area and you have school-aged children, you'll be glad to know that the schools in the Rim of the World school district are award-winning. One of the district's high schools, Mountain High, is an alternative continuatio high school that has been named a California Model School. The district is home to just over 6000 students, spread across five elementary schools including Lake Gregory Elementary right in Crestline, a middle school, two high schools, and an adult school.

Twin Peaks, California: Southern California's Mountains

If you like mountains, Twin Peaks, California is for you. Twin Peaks, California is filled with resort-quality scenery. In fact, it's filled with resorts! Located just outside of Lake Arrowhead, Twin Peaks is filled with dazzling views, architecturally beautiful houses, and enough outdoor activities to satisfy the entire family.

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But there are options for those who want to make more of an investment in the Twin Peaks region. If you dislike paying outrageous fees for hotels in peak season for just a few nights in an overcrowded resort area, why don't you consider buying your very own vacation home? No more $8 bowls of cereal. Now you can do your own shopping at the local market.

If you live and work in the Los Angeles area, you might consider purchasing a home in this region. There will always be a new model of car: your car will almost always go down in value. But there are only so many mountains, and places to live near them. Twin Peaks, California is a beautiful, sunny, and secluded resort area that will only increase in popularity as people search for getaways from the crowded and polluted Los Angeles area.

It is quite possible that, a year from now, you could look out your window and see snow-capped mountains. What are you waiting for, someone to hand you a house? Begin your search right away on the Internet and make your home-owning dreams come true.

Lakefront Homes: Location, Location, What a Location!

Dusk at a Lake Arrowhead lakefront estateLakefront homes offer a luxury enjoyed by few and desired by many. Imagine a crystal clear lake, just feet away from your front porch, close enough so that you could step down off your porch and wiggle your toes in the fresh, cool water. If that sounds good, forget imagining because lakefront homes offer that and much more, and they're available now.

Just after sunrise, you can bring the kids out on your boat (did I mention the dock?) for breakfast on the lake and maybe do a little early morning water skiing. This could by your Lake Arrowhead lakefront homeAfter a tasty meal made with fresh local ingredients, you head back to shore to finish reading your mystery novel. The kids go off hiking, close to the house. All except your oldest son, who goes off with dad to see if the two of them can catch some fish for a leisurely lunch. After lunch perhaps a round of golf might be in order at the near-by country club. This is not a fairy tale. It happens every day for those who own lakefront homes. And it can happen to you too.

Even in California, where real estate Lake Arrowhead Lakefront Home Viewprices are generally higher than other states, you can afford your own lakeshore dream home, even in prestigious and desirable areas such as LakeArrowhead. You don't believe me? Just call or e-mail Glenn Tinturin to find out just how affordable these homes are at present. You don't know if money will be an obstacle until you actually find out these things for yourself.

In LakeArrowhead, for example, Glenn knows the surrounding areas (such as Hamiltair, Point Hamiltair, and North Shore Estates) like the back of his hands, and he’ll be able to tell you which areas you are likely to be able to afford and which you won't. It's worth making your dream come true--set up a consultation, and find out what it would take to make your dream a reality.