Transform Your Bed and Bathrooms with Simple and Easy Solutions

Change can be a good thing. It can give us new perspective or liven up something that feels old or outdated. If your life needs a bit of vivaciousness, consider transforming your bed and bathrooms with fresh décor. Follow these tips to get going.


Think Color


Color can impact how we feel — this is calledcolor therapy. It boils down to the idea that warm colors inspire energy while cool colors bring about a sense of calm. Changing the hues of your bed and bathrooms can reinvent your space. However, rather than paint your bedroom walls robin's egg blue, update your accents. A large dose of a specific color, especially one that is bright or unusual, can be overwhelming. Instead, focus on décor to make your space calming or energizing. A royal blue throw can complement light gray walls and make your bedroom peaceful. Forest green bath towels can make a bathroom unique without being inundating.


Sleep Better


If you have had trouble resting, it might be time to turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary. Many items can both aid in relaxation and bring a touch of class to your master bedroom. Above all, think of your own comfort. First, examine your bed. Are your sheets breathable? Linens made from natural fabrics can keep you cool at night while also providing comfort. Heavy, dark curtains can keep you asleep by blocking light at night. Soothing scents from an oil diffuser can nurture calmness after a long day. White noise machines and alarms that ease you to sleep with guided meditation can help lull you into sleep gently.


Live Luxuriously


Sometimes, we want a bit of glamor in our lives. Adding some elegance to our bathrooms is the perfect way to achieve that. Updating your mirror is a good place to start. Avoid traditional shapes like rectangles in favor of something more modern. Choose new handles for your cabinets to give them an entirely new look and match them to another aspect of your bathroom, such as the light sconces or the artistic frame around your mirror. This can add cohesion and make your space look designed. An automatic soap dispenser brings ease and modernity to the bath, no matter its age. To give yourself a futuristic feel, get a waterfall shower head that has a Bluetooth speaker. You'll feel like you're in the lap of luxury without breaking the bank.


Update Artwork


Art can make a house feel like a home. These don't need to be grand pieces, but subtle enhancements around the home to spice up your décor. Gazing at art can actually help keep you healthy, so they are valuable additions — but measure your walls before you buy. For instance, if you hang a painting above your bed, make sure it is smaller than the furniture. Larger art pieces above smaller furniture will look out of sorts. You also don't need imposing pieces; instead, consider a series of small photographs or paintings arranged together. This creates interest, and you may be less likely to tire of multiple images than a single feature.


Bring More Light


Nothing uplifts the way light can. A great approach to make your home feel new or fresh is investing in fixtures. Add a small crystal chandelier in the bathroom to elevate it; modern sconces are also tasteful.Frosted glass can give ambient light to help you unwind in your bedroom. Try an overhead light in the bedroom as a statement or art piece. Neon lights can harken back to a favorite aesthetic and remind us of our most-loved films. Whatever you choose, make it something that reflects your taste.


It does not take much to make a space feel new. This is a chance for a fresh start at home, and it needn't be expensive. Add a few touches here and there, and enjoy your house all the more.


Image Courtesy of Pexels