Tis the Season to Sell Your Home

Tis the Season to Sell Your Home


If you’re ready to relocate, there’s no reason to wait until summer to sell your house. While people are busy throughout the holidays, many of them make time to search for a new house while their children have a break from school and have the time to travel. Here are a few tips on how to make this winter your season for a change.


Consider Curb Appeal


Curb appeal is how your home looks from the road. It matters more than you might think, and many potential buyers may be completely put off by a house that looks unkempt on the exterior. There are several ways to make things look festive and neat without going overboard. This includes adding decorations to the front door and porch and displaying seasonal art. Living in a fairly temperate climate, you also have more permanent options to spruce up the outdoors. According to HomeAdvisor, holly, Japanese pieris, and witch hazel can survive cooler temperatures and produce a burst of color in the fall that lasts through early winter.


Lighting is another aspect to consider as the days get shorter and the nights linger. You can never have too much outdoor lighting to help illuminate the property. Even something as simple as solar lights along the walkway can enhance the safety and visual appearance of the house.


Enter the Interior


Now that you have your potential buyers coming through the door, you’ll need to make sure the interior is warm (both literally and figuratively) and inviting. A cold house will be uncomfortable and entice otherwise interested parties to leave before they’ve had a chance to feel at home. As author Ilyce R. Glink explains in this post, the right temperature will depend on the weather. Fragrance is something else to pay attention to, as well. A few mildly scented candles or, as a safer alternative, wax melts, can add to the ambiance of the season. Also, remember to decorate tastefully. A well-placed Christmas tree and its beautiful sparkling lights may give your buyers a sense of comfort and familiarity. If you are using a live tree, be cautious and pay attention to its welfare. Stagnant water can put off a pungent smell. Martha Stewart’s tips on how to care for a live Christmas tree can help you avoid disaster.


Choose the Right Realtor


Finding the right real estate agent takes work, regardless of the season. Avoid the temptation to call the first agent that pops up on a Google search. Instead, take your time and make sure you choose someone who has the right credentials and experience in your neighborhood and price range. Your agent can give you more tips on things you can do to make your home more appealing and will work with other agents to schedule showing. They will also host your open house and make sure the property looks it’s very best on the MLS.


Speaking of Open House


Not all realtors recommend an open house, but any time you can have potential buyers on site is a good time. If you choose to have an open house, schedule it for the weekend. Make sure your home is cleaner than it’s ever been, and make sure to take valuables such as cash, jewelry, and prescription medications with you. It’s also a good idea to hide your children’s video game systems and electronics to avoid the possibility that young visitors will break their favorite toys or, perhaps even more devastating, ruin their progress in a game. Finally, don’t be afraid to leave a few holiday treats out for your open house attendee’s enjoyment.


There’s really no wrong time to sell your home. Remember that your quality of life is important, and if you are ready to go, you should not spend any longer than you have to in a place where you are not happy. So, whether you choose to sell in the winter or wait until spring, make sure to cater to your buyers and find an agent that works for you.


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Article provided by Natalie Jones from HomeownerBliss.info