Lake Arrowhead Real Estate

Having a second home in Lake Arrowhead is a dream come true for many people. Like all worthwhile dreams, it doesn't come cheaply, but even in a business sense, it's an excellent investment. Investment isn't the main reason most people buy property in the Arrowhead Region, though. Most people buy property there because of the incredible life style the region offers.

Lake Arrowhead and the Arrowhead Forest are among the most pristine areas in the country, and the sky is so clear that it is a primary spot for stargazing. There are summer and winter sports locally available, and the area is centrally located, only a little more than an hour from Los Angeles, Palm Springs or Orange County, and three hours or so from Las Vegas. Despite such a proximity to these areas, it feels entirely unspoiled and remote.

A Private Lake Community

The residents of the Arrowhead area are well educated and politically and environmentally aware, so they are determined to keep Lake Arrowhead as it should be. The lake is private, and can only be accessed by those who own property in Arrowhead Woods. That means you can rest assured that the lake is well patrolled, and all boats and boaters are carefully screened. is your key to owning a piece of paradise. We have listings for everything from huge estates to comfortable family homes. We are knowledgeable, highly professional, and dedicated to giving you the best possible service. Welcome to the dream!