The high end market here in Lake Arrowhead seems to be moving a little slower at the moment, when compared to last year. Looking back 90 days, there have been six sales in Arrowhead Woods and Lakefronts over $1,000,000 with the median sold price of $1,745,000. When comparing this to the same period last year, we saw ten sales over $1,000,000 with a median sold price of $1,130,000. If we look at the number sold under $1,000,000 this past 90 days this year, we find 66 homes sold. We currently have 396 homes for sale in Lake Arrowhead (Arrowhead Woods and Lakefront) under one million dollars and 93 available homes for sale over one million dollars.
Lakefront Estates
What this tells us is we have about 46.5 months of inventory over $1,000,000 and 18 months of inventory of homes under $1,000,000. Combine this inventory with amazingly low interest rates and we have a perfect time for buying a home in Lake Arrowhead. Especially a high end home.

So, come on up and check out some of out lakefront homes or a beautiful estate behind gates up a little higher overlooking the lake. Contact Glenn Tinturin today from this website.